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About Applied Resources
Since 1972 Applied Resources Corporation (ARC) has been a proven source for high reliability and critical application switching, electronics and electro-mechanical products and systems. Since our inception our key employees have worked together as a unified management, technical and production team offering innovative solutions to our customers requirements in a timely, reliable and economical manner.

At ARC we take our experience in developing products for critical applications and fuse it with the integration of new off-the-shelf technologies resulting in products that are at the forefront of the technology curve yet still maintain the quality and reliability usually associated with products for the Aerospace and Defense industries.

Legacy Systems/Programs

  • Apollo
  • Skylab
  • Nike/Hercules
  • Lance Missile
  • Pershing II Missile
  • Copperhead
  • Paveway
  • WADS SLAT (Super Low Altitude Target)
  • Flipper


Recent Systems/Programs

  • ORION CEV (Crew Exploration Vehicle)
  • Space Shuttle
  • International Space Station
  • EMU’s (Space Suits)
  • JEMS (Japanese Experimental Module)
  • Canada Arm
  • TADS
  • Blackhawk
  • Apache
  • AIM-120
  • F-5

  • T38
  • M1A1 Tank
  • Bradley Fighting Vehicle
  • M119A1 105mm Howitzer
  • MK 19
  • M249
  • M240
  • LW 155mm Howitzer
  • Patriot
  • TOW II
  • Tactical Tomahawk

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