Female charm elegant eternal - Oyster type constant movement women log type 31

Female charm, elegant eternal fake watches Oyster type constant fake watches movement women's log type 31 show fresh and beautiful, elegant and elegant Feminine charm. Just as a passion and charm of the carol, this modern women's watch clever fusion of the hue and material beauty, and in its 31 mm case in the perfect embodiment, but also has a history of passers- The elegance of the times. Personality and charm Personality unique, unique style of women's log 31 with a variety of materials to choose from, such as 904L stainless steel, 18 ct gold, platinum, eternal rose gold, and metal in the supreme material 950 platinum; also has ROLESOR gold and steel style, which It is a combination of 904L stainless steel and 18 ct gold, platinum or eternal rose gold. From the arched polished to the triangular pit pattern, from the elegant embellishment diamonds to shiny and dense set of 46 diamonds, these colorful outer ring design and 31 mm watch with a decent, calm and clear personality. One of the women's log-type 31 has a distinctive outer ring style - 24 different sizes of diamonds in disguise set in 18 ct gold, platinum or eternal rose gold made of dome, Charming and lively beauty arises spontaneously. Tone and pattern of symphony Women's log-type 31 also has a colorful dial design, including fine colors and distinctive decorative patterns. Some made of pearl fritillaria, and some are decorated with exquisite complex patterns, such as champagne, pink and rhodium white flower theme dial, soft color carrying the charm of Ambilight. And another by the 18 ct gold to create the distinguished style, with diamonds diamonds presented, rare gems breathtaking people can not resist; in addition to a dial from the meteorite grinding, especially glowing gorgeous glory. The hourly scale is also marked by elegant gold or diamonds, such as the inserts of the diamonds, which are the finishing touch of the dial, so that every time the wrist is read, it becomes a pleasing experience. Oyster, memorial or head style strap Rolex for different models of women's log-type 31 watch with a different strap, whether it is oyster, commemorative or the first type, are Rolex unparalleled aesthetic style complement each other. The most precious style with the heads of the type and memorable strap at the same time set with diamonds, and diamond studs and dial pavilions. Oyster case waterproof model Although the appearance of elegant and charming, women's log-type 31 watch and all Oyster-style watch, the same is Rolex superb craftsmanship and excellent quality of the embodiment. Women's log-type 31 Oyster case waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet), is the perfect combination of superior performance and elegant design. Unique midsole case made of solid metal. Triangle pit bottom cover by the Rolex watch division with a special brand of special tools tighten, so that the case completely sealed. On the chain crown is the use of Rolex patented double buckle waterproof system, can be firmly tightened in the case. Mirror is made of blue crystal glass, easy to scratch. 3 o'clock position with a convex through the enlarged calendar window, more convenient to read the date. Women's log-type 31 Oyster case completely sealed, to give precision movement the most sophisticated protection against water, dust, pressure and damage damage. 2235 movement, the top precision timer Women's log type 31 watch entirely by the Rolex independent research and development of the 2235-type self-winding movement. As with all Rolex constant motion, the 2235-type movement also receives a Swiss official accreditation test, which is awarded to the Accurate Watches that have been successfully tested by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC). This movement is the same as all Oyster movement, with unparalleled reliability. Balanced swing components are the heart parts of the watch, equipped with a stable balance wheel, through the MICROSTELLA fine-tuning screw height to accurately adjust its inertia oscillation cycle. The balanced swing assembly is supported by an adjustable height of the parallel plate bridge to enhance the seismic capacity. Gossamer is equipped with Breguet-style end ring, to enhance the gossamer swing in the isochronous. 2235-type movement is equipped with automatic winding Rolex constant swing pendulum, can use the wearer wrist swing energy, continue to drive the winding winding. Only the Rolex watchmaker to have the opportunity to see women's log-type 31 movement is extremely delicate and perfect grinding and craftsmanship, and Rolex in the quality of meticulous, the spirit of excellence complement each other.